Wireless Camera Control System

The VISLINK Wireless Camera System based on the L1500, with the L1255 Wireless Camera Control Unit (CCU) and the L1520 Camera Control module is the most versatile wireless camera system on the market.

Full camera control using manufacturers Operator Control Panels (OCP) is the only way to ensure the pictures from wireless cameras match those of their wired counterparts. The Link Camera Control System provides vision engineers with the facility to use the same control panels for wired and wireless cameras. The system makes every feature available on the panel to achieve the desired pictures and meet the most demanding broadcast requirements.

The L1255 Wireless CCU interfaces the control panel and is a transmitter for sending the control data to the L1520 module within the L1500 Camera Back. This communication operates using UHF and a robust modulation scheme. Closed loop control is achieved with return data being sent on the video transport stream back to the CCU.

The L1255 Wireless CCU Interface is a half width rack unit which can be mounted next to the Lynx L1274 or the Link L2134, only occupying 1RU. The L1520 slots into the L1500, occupying no additional space and can be easily be fitted in the field.

Link have been providing fully featured camera control using manufacturers panels since 2007 and have worked closely with end users and camera manufacturers to develop it into the product it is today.

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