5W S-BAND COFDM Amplifier v1

Technical Specification

  • LDMOS technology for lower and adaptive current consumption ( 40w @37dBm )
  • Isolator for protection against high VSWR
  • Adjustable ALC (automatic level control) it is possible to adjust the output power to a desired power level that will be constant over the whole frequency range.
  • Precision lockable multi-turn potentiometer for output power adjustment
  • Wide DC input (9-36v) operating range (Motorbike 12Vdc, Helicopter 28Vdc....)
  • Reverse input polarity protection
  • 4pin XLR DC input ( 9-36Vdc )
  • 4pin XLR DC output 12Vdc 8A (max) regulated to feed transmiter DC input for example
  • Solid RF «N» (F) type input and output
  • Compact 2 RU half rack size, 19’’ racking with optional ear mounts
  • High thermal disipation for use in extremes conditions
  • Ultra low noise fans ( 31 dB )

Frequency range

2300 ... 2700 MHz

Input power @ P1dB

typ. 1.2 dBm, max. 1.4 dBm

Input power (max.)

7 dBm

Output power COFDM 1)

min. 37 dBm / min. 5 W

1) Measured with QAM 64, single carrier, EVM: 2%

Automatic level control (ALC)

yes (adjustable ALC)

Gain (small signal)

min. 44 dB

Gain flatness (small signal)

typ. +/- 2 dB (ALC not active)

Harmonic rejection @ 40 dBm

typ. 52 dB, min. 50 dB

VSWR of protection


Input return loss (S11)

min. 12 dB

Power consumption @ 37 dBm

typ. 40 W

Forward power detection

yes (True-RMS-Detector)

Operating case temperature range

-20 ... +55 °C


3,40 Kg

Dimensions 2 RU Half Rack / L*xlxH (mm)

230x212x84 (*including front panel connectors)

Noise Level (Fans)

31 dB (25dB x 4)

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